Dessert Platters

A Selection of Dessert Platters

A: Strawberries & cream £14.99 

Juicy, sweet strawberries prepared for you with double cream for dipping

800g serves 8 (Seasonal April – September)


B: Fresh fruit salad £16.99

A refreshing fruit salad with melon, pears apple, pineapple & kiwi fruit

800g serves 8


C: 10 Large Fruit Skewers £17.99 

A selection of cut in season fruit giving natural refreshment


D: 10 Assorted cup cakes £11.99

A assorted selection of cup cakes freshly baked & finished the perfect after lunch dessert


E: 10 Large fresh cream cakes £14.99 

Assorted selection of large fresh cream cakes freshly baked in our bakery


F: 12 Glazed Ring Doughnuts £6.99

Delicious ring doughnuts freshly baked in our bakery with glazing


G: 12 Assorted muffins £7.99 

Assorted selection of large soft muffins  – Choc chip, blueberry, chocolate


H: 10 Piece bowl of fruit £5.99

Delicious selection of apples, pears, bananas, satsuma’s finished with grapes


I: 20 Assorted Mini loaf cakes £9.99

Assorted selection of mini loaf cakes


J: Assorted biscuit selection £3.99

Delicious selection of biscuits for afternoon tea, serves 6-8 people


K: 20 Carrot cake loaf cakes £9.99

Delicious selection of carrots topped mini loaf cakes freshly baked


L: 20 Chocolate flake loaf cakes £9.99

Delicious selection of chocolate covered cake topped with a mini Cadbury’s flake